A Word That Is was created to uplift, arouse and awaken the mind the body and the soul in times of great turmerol and distress. The carefully worded poetic verbiage that I use elevates mental frequencies when combined with harmonic rhythmic flow which resonates with the energies of peace, love and harmony. The addition of the visual imagery enhances the euphoric effects that stimulate nerve impulses to send relaxing signals to the mind there for increasing the effect that is felt while verbalizing the poetic rhythmic flow.

I love expressing my self in poetic rhythmic flow as it is a nature part of who I am and what I do. I also happen to be equally right and left brain dominant. Meaning my left side or logical brain share an equal amount of strength as my creative artistic right side. When speaking of reality on a real level I feel a lot of love and compassion for all created beings, yet I am able to separate and not agree with the negative behavior I perceive. I say perceive because, I believe that there are many times when there are illusions purposely created to see if you will judge “What Is” not discerning what you know not to be.



Resonating reality on a real level has to do with the powerful chemical reactions, feeling and emotions that a man and a woman experience when they are equally in love in all facets of their relationship in an awesome way. I do understand that the reality that I just spoke of in this day and age is few far and in between due to various influences that has altered the thought processes of the union of a man and woman.

They also refer to energy vibrations that are exuded when you are in the presence of each other. This plays a major effect on nonverbal body language ques that we give off without even knowing it. Without knowing it we can uplift another a person’s energy frequency level with our smile or a hand wave gesture or even just telling someone I appreciate you for you being you not for what you did or going to do. Since you’re not the judge and jury of the persons final destination why not utilize the simple gift of just being friendly or showing love and affection?Just like with musical notes the higher the tone, pitch or frequency the more you increase your chances of being lifted up out of a negative situation.



The message that I received was you must understand that I created you to connect with a similar yet, totally different beings than you. OK, so how am I supposed to connect with these similar yet, totally different kind of beings. The creature that I created resonates better when it is aligned with its own thought concepts. Its own thought concepts were used to help facility its own free will as well as your own.

This is why sometimes you may hear what some discern as an audible internal voice dialog. Now, free will beings can think that the internal audible voice that they hear is whatever or from wherever they perceive it to come from.

A lot of what is heard audibly is the result of what the mind is subjected to and what is excepted as the belief narrative. Before this took place, I had to learn first by trial and error about how to communicate effectively with members of the opposite sex and others of the same sex. God answered my prayers by giving me the knowledge that I put in my book called the Revelation of Why and my Workbook that I sell privately.



If you apply the teaching that are deeply embedded within the poetic verbiage you will become more aware of the resonating frequency that you are exuding from harmonic rhythmic flow. Your mind may allow its self the calm down so that it can focus on the deeper things that matter.

When all hell is breaking loose in your mind and it starts playing tricks on you sit down and take some deep breathes and begin to absorb every one of the A Word That Is poems that you have time for and see if at the end your mind might not feel lose of the things that have a hold to it.

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