As you observe this picture, how do your thoughts begin?
are you aware of the power you possess? if not let me help you, my friend. While you (focus) upon the image of this sparkling beauty,
in the back of your mind, there’s still the thought, there’s still work to be done, that’s my duty.
Just remember work is all that you perceive it to be,
is it meaningful to you, are you helping others (to a meaningful degree)?
(Take a deep breath, relax) and count to ten,
now envision the new and improved you and do it again.
I reach out my open hand, are you open-minded,
can you understand, is your heart behind it?
Do you ever calm your mind and try to feel my energy that exists?
take (a moment, be silent, meditate,) for I am in the midst.
To prove yourself you must be willing to grow,
do you see the light within the darkness, or do you know?
For me to trust what you have within,
you must (display patience, time and time again)
You see my children that are positive and negative as they compete,
learn from them both, (as you expand your mind and never give into defeat.)

Cosmic Woman-Spreading Cosmic Dust on Humanity


Nathaniel F. Frazier
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